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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
temperatures. >> i'm kristin fisher on a steam boat in the middle of the mississippi river taking in the sights and sounds of new orleans. i'll have a live >>> today is day one of our blitz and glitz coverage in new orleans. >> as the city prepares for the crush of people, kristin fisher spent some time in calmer territory. >> well, in the middle of the mississippi river and this is about as people place as you will find in new orleans right now, because right now the city is gearing up for an influx of 1 million people as we are just days away from super gras. marty gras and super bowl in one weekend. and it gives you a nice little flavor of all the best that new orleans has to offer. i'll show you what i'm talking about. we have got the steam boat stompers inside. these guys have been -- two hour long afternoon -- listen. >> it wouldn't be mardi gras without this. and of course there's nothing quite like new orleans in the mississippi river. we have the captain himself, captain don. i got to ask, you've been around for a while. you know these waters well. are you guys ready?
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >>> the winter storm dumped 2 to 4 inches of snow in parts of mississippi today and in mississippi and alabama some schools opened late because of concerns about slick roads. >>> it was a tragic love story that prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief for a notre dame football star, but now a lot of folks in the sports world are shaking their heads and wondering after the sports blog dead spin revealed that the much publicized story of heisman trophy candidate manti te'o and his girl friend who died of leukemia was all make believe. >> a 22-year-old stanford grad gets in a new fatal car accident, contracts leukemia and then dies. that's a big tragedy. that's going to be written up somewhere. it wasn't. there was no death notice, no obituary, no funeral announcement. >> yeah, and at the same time te'o released a statement saying he was duped into a fake online and phone relationship with a woman and now he's humiliated. dead spin says a friend of te'o's is behind the hoax and does not rule out te'o may have been part of the deception. either way many people wonder tonight how this whole thing
Jan 30, 2013 4:30am EST
of the mighty mississippi is closed halting trade for dozens of ships. and we'll tell you which business stories are worth keeping an eye on today. plus, new york city billionaire mayor just gave vice president biden a compliment that any man could be proud of. details in two minutes. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. the death toll has risen to 234 in the brazil nightclub fire with many survivors still hospitalized including about 75 in critical condition. investigators say the pyrotechnic flare used during the band's performance that apparently started the fire was for outdoor use only. >>> a 60-mile stretch of the mississippi river is still closed as crews try to clean up leaking crude oil spilled in a barge accident sunday. >>> google maps used to show a vast blank area for north korea, the most shutoff nation in the modern world but after google chairman eric schmidt visited it detailed enough to see pyongyang and the concentration camps. >>> a medical miracle story of a u.s. army veteran who lost all four of his limbs and underwent a roarkable translate procedure. six weeks
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm EST
. more than 30 degrees above average. back toot forecast for the storms. crossing the mississippi river tonight, keep an eye out in indianapolis and nashville after midnight for dangerous storms, strong wind gusts. by early tomorrow morning in new orleans, where thousands are in town for mardi gras and super bowl, you could be hit with some very rough weather. we will keep you updated. tomorrow, the line crosses the appalachians. atlanta, charlotte, right into d.c. later tomorrow and tomorrow night, new york city the big threat again, straight-line wind damage, gusts over 60, but a few isolated tornadoes. back behind the front and the cold air it is back to rate you winter hits. frigid air, subzero wind chills and des moines, green bay, six inches or more of snow. wind gusts over 30. temperatures in green bay 41 will fall to near zero tomorrow night and windchills down to 20 below zero. brian, one record streak we would lake to continue, 220 days and counting without a tore died in fatality. let's hope it continues that way. brian? >> thanks for the update tonight, mike side well an unb
Jan 29, 2013 4:30am PST
but for right now it's okay. a little eerie out. i'm actually looking at the mississippi river and there's a lot of fog and mist coming off that. hey, guys, i just want to tell you we have been collecting beads the last three days i think that we have been here so i have been asking people what -- yeah, i know, i have been asking people what they do with their beads once they collect them because some of them bring garbage bags with them to the parades and put them in their bags. this is what they do sometimes. they will cut them up a little bit, make animals out of them. i don't know if rick can get this. they will make animals or make jacks and get a ball and play jacks with the necklaces. pretty cool, huh? >> if you look up in the trees on bourbon street, i think you can see some of the beads from two or three super bowls ago. . >>> michelle, thunderstorms there in new orleans tonight. jealous, wish i could be out there. [ laughter ] >> we have high clouds in the bay area, quiet start to the day, temperatures not too bad. today no threat of rain her
Jan 28, 2013 2:00am PST
now. >>> two oil barges hit a railroad bridge on the mississippi river near vicksburg and began leading crude oil. the coast guard says a leaking tank filled with 80,000 gallons of crude has been contained. >>> back in 1999, the colorado grand jury looking into the death of jonbenet ramsey voted to indict her parents on charges of child abuse resulting in death. but the court said there was not enough evidence in the case. >>> president obama is a football fan that thinks the game will have to change because of the danger from the violent hits involved. the president told the new republic it will be better for the players. especially those still in college. >>> casey anthony has filed for bankruptcy on debts of almost $800,000. she faces three civil lawsuits, but most of the money is owed to her defense attorney who won her acquittal in 2011 on charges of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >>> well, markets kick off on a high note this week. the dow is up 6% for january. opens the week at 13,895. the s&p was up 8, the nasdaq gained 19. overseas, the nikkei dropped 102 but
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
on the mississippi river this morning. behind me is the mississippi river bridge. over my shoulder, this is down river towards the gulf of mexico. we got here yesterday and hit the ground running. if it is any indication of how things will turn out, this is going to be a nonstop party. our trip started with an early flight out of bwi. by the looks of things, they were anticipating many people making the trip. the flight was good and the anticipation was building. upon arrival and since it is mardi gras, we were greeted with quite a parade. >> ray lewis, ed reed. i like flacco. i want to see somebody stop the 49ers quarterback. i think they are going to do it. >> people were enjoying coffee. others taking a stroll after a few adult beverages. believe it or not, not everybody is excited about having the super bowl in town. cyrus thinks tourists will be more interested in partying. >> it will be good for the city but tough for us. there will be a lot of pedestrians. >> there is an excitement in the air. if this is any indication, it will be quite a ride. >> the city looks great. we love it. the cit
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am EST
of the mississippi river. and this is about as peaceful a place as you're going to find in new orleans right now because right now the city is gearing up for an influx of one million people as we are just days away from what's being called super gras, the convergence of mardi gras and the super bowl all in one weekend. and the reason i really love this steamboat is it kind of gives you a nice flavor of all the best that new orleans has to offer. come on in and i'll show you what i'm talking about. we've got the steamboat stompers inside playing because what would new orleans be without some good jazz music, right? these guys have been playing throughout the duration of this two-hour long afternoon jazz cruise. take a listen. ♪ >> reporter: it wouldn't be mardi gras, wouldn't are new orleans without jazz. and of course there's nothing quite like new orleans than the mississippi river. and to chat a bit more about the steamboat, we've got the captain himself, captain don. captain, i've got to ask, you've been around for a while. you know these waters well. are you guys ready? is this city ready
Jan 27, 2013 3:00pm PST
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Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
. this will be headed our way. we expect a very short end to wonderful weather. the weather maker is in the mississippi river valley fromcing severe weather kentucky into mississippi. those are tornado watches. had four preliminary reports so far. will watch that make its way towards us. kind of weather can we expect? thunderstorms this evening and overnight. in the slight risk category. a few of the thunderstorms could be strong to severe. our primary concern will be damaging wind. look into the future, showers first period late evening and overnight, the main line comes troops. we will see very heavy rain. then clearing by tomorrow morning. forecast, breezy and mild, high temperature between and 72 with storms tonight. 42-46 tonight. 30 expected with a chance of friday and again morning. let's a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> good morning. maryland beltway, pay attention. on the beltway between route 50 the john hanson 202 in each byection, one lane getting in each direction to the right. three vehicles involved all turned over. us through theth rush-hour. crash involving a tractor- trailer,
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am EST
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Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
showers, thunderstorms. these are tornado watches from mississippi all the way into kentucky at this hour. we're on the warm sector today but late today, really tonight, we're also going to have a threat for severe weather for the entire area. the main threat will be damaging wind gusts and any of these storms that come across could bring some of those winds aloft down to the surface and really get gusting. here we are looking at storms late this afternoon but the bulk of them will be coming in during the overnight herd. here's 9:30 and we're still waiting for those storms to come through. definitely colder for tomorrow. your forecast today 70. some late storms. i think the bulk after dark. yellow alert for the storms tonight. we've got windy and colder weather tomorrow. 48. potentially even colder than that in the afternoon as the cold air really comes in by friday with morning flurries, 33. saturday groundhog day, 36. 38 sunday. back to 44 on monday. monika samtani stepping in now. still talking about problems in prince george's county and elsewhere. >>> i have a feeling we're going to
Jan 31, 2013 5:00am EST
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Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
evening in new orleans. 68 degrees and the sun is setting over the mississippi. replanted ourselves right here in front of the mercedes-benz superdome. there is my good friend, joe flacco, in big, bright plans so everyone can see who the master is. the colors you see behind me, the purple and gold, those are the official colors of mardi gras. we definitely have the color advantage. a lot of parades going on around town. take a look. >> archer started with an early morning flight out of bwi marshall and they were anticipating many of ravens bands making the trip, but probably later in the week. of the flight was good and anticipation was building. upon arrival, we were greeted with quite a parade. i'm not saying it was for my grandfather for and by, but we felt like it was. it was the cru of carrollton parade. it is is any indication of what things are going to be like building up to the super bowl, it's going to be quite a ride. >> we have noticed a lot of the parade downtown have to take different routes and they change the schedule because there is so much going on with preparations und
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
deal. we will cover all the events happening this week. >> a beautiful shot of the mississippi. our comprehensive team coverage of super bowl xlvii continues on our website, you can read previous of the biggies the matchup and let that slide shows ahead of the big -- the big easy match up and looked at slide shows the head of the big game. >> i-695 was shut down for nearly two hours this afternoon after a vehicle collision in middle river. we were over the scene just before 4:00. drivers are being diverted just off of the highway at the 700 to exit. -- 700 to exit. >> baltimore county police are looking for anyone who may have been near the light rail platform just before the friday evening commute. a run for cover 15 -- around 4:15 in the afternoon. he was waiting for a train when a group of people shot him multiple times. he is an inmate work-release program serving 24 year sentence for attempted murder. anyone who was nearby, contact police. emotional and sometimes confusing testimony from a key witness in nine phylicia barnes -- in the phylicia barnes murder case, he
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am EST
of the mississippi river, showers and thunderstorms to our south. it looks dry west of the mississippi. kind of windy in denver today. the western half of the country gets very cold. will become warm this weekend. details are just ahead. >> 6:36. the latest in funeral >> this is a new one we put together. this is a gadget for someone who believes you can take it with you. sound system built into a coffin. you can entertain yourself into the great beyond for 30,003 $40,330. so far, no takers. >> working at a fast-food drive- through can be tedious. take a look. >> yo. >> i'm a ghost. thank you. [laughter] >> you have to see the whole video. he can turn themselves into a car seat. he has become a youtube sensation. pranked about 50 restaurants. >> priceless. that is usually how i get my fast food. 6:40. >> still some closures on route 97 in carroll county. >> rain shower chances increasing by this afternoon. >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:43. president obama will host hamid karzai at the white house later today appeared last night president karzai had dinner with hillary clinton at the state depar
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am PST
the mississippi river is rolling in. it was warm a half hour ago. now it's a muggy chill in the area. had to throw the old coat on. i'm sure it will get warmer throughout the day. frank i have to tell you, you know what i ate in foodie paradise? i ate chicken tenders. who eats chicken tenders in new orleans? >> nobody. but i guess since you did the sea thing over the weekend you were due to fall back on something like that. i imagine your live shot at 1 a.m. is a little different. it must have been crazy last night. >> reporter: it was crazy. we were out here at 1:00 in the morning and there were still a lot of people out. this city really never sleeps. >> and neither do you. >> reporter: apparently. [ laughter ] >> okay. great job, michelle, thanks. back here at home, the 49ers opponent in sunday's super bowl, well, they are now in new orleans too. the ravens flew in yesterday afternoon after a practice session in baltimore. the ravens have a reputation as a trash talking team. but head coach john harbaugh says his team will play hard- nosed footbal
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am EST
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Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm PST
degrees above average. back to the forecast for the storms. crossing the mississippi river tonight, keep an eye out in indianapolis and nashville after midnight for dangerous storms, strong wind gusts. tomorrow in new orleans where thousands are there for mardi gras and super bowl, you could be hit with rough weather. tomorrow, atlanta, are charlotte, d.c., later tomorrow in new york city, the threat of straight line wind damage, gusts over 60, a few isolated tornados. behind the front in cold air, back to reality, winter hits. frigid air, sub zero wind chills and des moines, green bay, temperatures 30. temperatures near zero tomorrow. wind chills down to 20 below zero. one record streak we would like to continue. 220 days and counting without a tornado fatality. let's hope it continues that way. >> thanks for the update. mike seidel with an unbelievable turn of events in our weather, from little rock tonight. >>> president obama flew to nevada to make a point today, a politically crucial place to throw his arms against a new path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
the next couple days. 50 degrees in indianapolis. 56 in nashville. 65 in jackson, mississippi. that warm air will be migrating north. it will pull all the warmth from the south and move it over washington over the next few days. and a strong cold front on the backside of that will slam us late on wednesday, possibly triggering widespread and heavy thunderstorms. behind that, temperatures will take a tumble on thursday and lasting through a weekend, back to business as usual after this little warm-up. the last little bit of rain is off to our west. that will only affect parts of the potomac highlands. 41 today for the high temperature in the metro area. a little colder in outlying areas. overnight, low 40's. morning clouds tomorrow and a few sunny breaks, in the '50s. the '60s by wednesday. there could be strong and thunderstorms with that. something to keep in mind for the second half of the day wednesday. >> that makes the thunderstorms work, for the 60 degree temperatures. >> i think we should get some snow, but maybe wait till later this month. >> a surprise. highlights from sunday's
Jan 1, 2013 5:00pm EST
, atlanta and jackson, mississippi, active weather in those areas. maryland's most powerful radar still scans all clear. finding not a thing on this new year's day. take a look at baltimore, dark and chilly. the winds northwest at 6. weather in motion through the first day of the 2013 year and finding basically nothing but a gray sky and chilly temps, dry weather the story all across the area. parkville that was the keel-- deem and in annapolis, a dry, dry day and few chilly sailors. current winds are north and westerly. they're light and insignificant. temperatures not brutal for early january standards. we do have 30s out to the northwest and west, mid-40s in the area. we'll be colder tomorrow. take a look across howard county. we may struggle to get out of the upper 30s, a partly cloudy scenario. you can see the setup keeping the active weather to our south. that's going to continue to be the case into the overnight. we think all the wet weather stays south. it's not much wet weather to begin with. as we go through the next two days abundant sunshine. clouds mixed with the sun. want
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
toward jackson mississippi. that mildler air begins to make a push into baltimore and the east coast on saturday afternoon. in this air to the south which is close to 70, that moves in for sunday. so sunday looks really mild. right now though again quiet for another 12, maybe 20 hours, then by this time tomorrow afternoon and evening we will look for rain showers to come in with this system out of texas. making more of a track to the north but we will still catch the warm front ahead of this thing. that could generate showers and then the warm air behind that boundary into saturday and again it's going to hang out and get warmer on sunday. just a quick check of colorado with the ravens, looks like partly cloudy tonight. cold air starting to build in and snow showers out in the mountains to the east of denver. you get the idea of what's setting up for saturday. mostly cloudy, dry tomorrow, 38 with late day showers and tomorrow night we will call it 40. fog developing, you will be out early saturday morning. watch out for that warming trend the next three days, then we start to cool it
Jan 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
sharing a room with three other people in biloxi, mississippi, you can cut that down to $5300. what about people willing to put their own deal together to shave a few hundred are few thousand. >> if you're trying to piece it together yourself, there's nothing in the new orleans area. you have to go about an hour and 30 minutes out. >> reporter: those rooms are $359 a night. game tickets on stub hub, $2100 and there's finding a flight. >> the 4th is sold out on southwest and very limited on the other carriers. >> reporter: sure you wouldn't rather go to mexico, costa rica or belize? >> i would guess within the next 24 hours it's kind of do it or die. you either get it or you don't. >> reporter: unless you're willing to drive or spend days on a train travel agents are booking from mid-week to mid-week. some have a connection or two that could cost you several more hours. >>> you're not the only ones hitting local stores to buy up championship gear. dennis pitta was out and about to stop at the modells. and a few fans waited to get a chance to tack to their favorite player. right now you can
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
to the mouth of the mississippi for a little game they call the superbowl. theteam is heading out monday for that big game but today the coaches were talking about the season that got them there. they say they're going to keep doing what they've been doing this year. >> the way the team has responded to john and his coach's leadership, you know, how he's asked them to practice, the different things like that, how he wants them to prepare, i think that has been very similar as to the way it was in 2000. >> newsome also addressed ed reed announcement. he says when reed's playing days are over if he wants to stay in a coaching capacity, they'll try to find a place for him. >> we're hoping to see you in new orleans next week when we team up with the st. bernard project as we help rebuild homes for two families still affected by hurricane katrina. head for nola for nor information about the project and to register. . >> it's not very often that you get a chance to save a life but this weekend you could do just that. a drive to administer people to the bone marrow reg
Jan 30, 2013 1:35am EST
and fat like these. like my son shucking right here. we're blessed with this mississippi river and the sweet waters of the gulf. >> reporter: and business is sweet again after mother nature dealt p and j's a terrible blow. >> we do still have a business. and we're succeeding, and with the help of mother nature, we'll get back to where we were previous to that oil disaster. >> i can learn how to do it. if i can eat it i can open one, right? and i love to eat them. so here's my knife. >> go in at the hinge right here. >> here's the hinge. okay. is that good? >> yeah, that was good. then you kind of scrape the bottom there. >> i can eat? >> yeah. >> good and salty. i love it. >> so there is nowhere that you're going to have as many great oysters dishes as the oyster capital of the world in new orleans. >> we want some of those oysters here right now. wusa 9, the place to be for the super bowl. we'll continue our reports all week long. blitz and glitz. join us sunday as the ravens take on the 49ers. >>> we had great oysters tonight here, that's for sure. all right, looking ahead to
Jan 22, 2013 4:00am PST
to celebrities, campaign volunteers came from around the country. kelly jacobs traveled from mississippi, literally wearing her support. how many sequins on your address? >> 4,000 total, 2,000 each side. >> reporter: they are done by side. >> they are antique shield sequins, i sewed them on. >> reporter: a lot of work behind them and still ahead of them if they hope to help president obama deliver on his second term. but last night, just time for a good party. soledad, the musical performances, i can't tell you how wonderful they were. they were fantastic. i wish you could have been there. a late night. things wrapped up 1:00 a.m. well into the evening. >> i had a chance to go to one of the balls, i remember seeing you reporting late into the night. we thank you for that. the people at the balls talking about what the first lady was wearing. alaina cho will talk to us about the dress. she'll break down the inaugural fashions straight ahead. and jason's original sketches for the first lady too. >>> looks like sasha not so impressed by her daddy's speech. spotted yawning during the inaugur
Jan 30, 2013 7:00am EST
of that. >> good morning, savannah. tornado watches are stretching from mississippi all the way up into ohio and west virginia. there are numerous tornado warnings in effect right now throughout parts of tennessee and also on into parts of alabama. we are watching these systems make their way through. here's what's going on. we've got a risk of these strong storms, tornadoes possible from mobile up to washington. warm, moist air coming up from the south, cold air coming in from the north. where those systems are clashing, that's where we've got the severe storms. as you watch this system make its way across the country into the east, it's a fast mover. you can see heavy rain falling with this and the possibility of tornadoes firing up right on through the afternoon into the evening hours. back side of the system, we've got a lot of snow. rainfall, we've got flood watches in effect right now for much of the northeast. anywhere from two to five inches of rain, stretching from alabama, all the way on up into the northeast. and behind the system, we've got snow to talk about. some area
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
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Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
mississippi valley. some of these storms, of course, are going to be moving very quickly, but with the storms coming in the overnight hours, that's where we're going to see the great evident threat for the potential for really dangerous condition setting up across the south. of course, we're going to continue to follow that. you need to have a noaa radio and we'll continue to track the storms for you. >> particularly if it's going to come overnight. they you very much. >>> listen to this one. casey anthony pair a legal. sounds like a tv show. she's become so experienced that casey anthony is indeed considering, yes, i know, a career in the courtroom. still a long way off though. the 26-year-old anthony remains in hiding. her attorney says you don't go from being the most hated woman in the world to living a normal life. i know. i'm speechless. >>> okay. could tiger woods rule golf again in 2013. >> people debate that after he won the farmers insurance opening in dominating fashion. it was his 75th win, seven behind the record held by sam snead, and it was his eighth win at torrey pines includ
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am EST
conditions in the upper mississippi river valley, more snow in the the inner mountains and northern rockies. wet weather along the pacific northwest coast. showers through central louisiana. plenty of sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. it tonight get mild until you get down into the southeast and >> good morning. it should be nice and quiet this morning. we expect some light snow to develop this evening. >>> three american travelers in peru, but they say the vacation turned into a frightening ordeal. contessa brewer travelled to peru to cover this story. >> good to see you. a man, his wife, sister from wyoming planned this trip to peru to explore the beautiful countryside. they never expected to be beaten, whipped and held against their will. now they're safe and they're telling their story. >> we begged for mercy. we thought we were going to die for 11 hours. >> reporter: december 29th, 30th birthday trip to peru began with a mountain hike with her brother, jeb and his wife, megan, near macha ppechu. >> the first initial two people, men that came down, we asked, do you think this w
Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
the colonial penn program. >>> it is more than 8,000 miles from hong kong to cleveland mississippi, but chef wally joe not only made that journey as a child. he went on to become a maestro of southern cooking. >> recognized as one of the country's best he's now the chef's general manager and partner in the acre restaurant. we're delighted to welcome chef wally joe to the dish. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> what are we having. >> this is a twist on a main chinese dish that we would normally have. it's a crispy chicken that we normally order but you dip it in five spices. this is -- usually deep-fried. so it's not practical to fry a whole chicken at home so what i've done is adapted this. rubbed the whole chicken with five-spice powder. >> what is it? >> five spices. pepper corns, very flavorful. how is that? >> it's fabulous. thank you. >> what are the challenges of combining this sort of southern -- these two heritages. you have sort of the asian influence and the deep south. so how do we marry those? >> well, i'm a chinese kid that grew up in
FOX News
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
that whatever is done actually is a solution to the problem. >> former mississippi governor haley barber summarized the general republican argument against strict gun control this morning, on meet the press, by saying simply, that if you make it a crime to have a gun, only criminals will have guns. >> harris: what about all the talk about a potential bill to ban assault weapons being introduced? where do we stand on that? >> reporter: harris, we heard this morning, that two democratic senators, dianne feinstein from california and richard blumenthal from connecticut plan to introduce that soon and freshman senator chris murphy, a democrat from connecticut who attended several funerals for sandy hook elementary students before he was sworn in said he will support that legislation and told us more about it. >> it's a tighter ban than the previous ban. and it will address high capacity magazines, but the fact is that as soon as we pass that ban, back in the 1990's, the gun manufacturers found a way around it and other states, like new jersey and california, have passed much stricter bans an
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
and thunderstorms, tornado watches from mississippi and alabama all the way now in towards southwestern virginia even with some of these watch boxes that will be in effect. for us we have a threat of severe weather later on. really this afternoon and evening out west. then this evening to tonight here in the metro with the main threat being damaging wind gusts. we're all going to have to watch this line of storms which will be approaching later on. for the afternoon north and west of town, it looks to be much more under the gun. here we are at 7:00. this will be coming across us tonight. showers and storms. then the cold? we'll turn back to the snow showers in the mountains. should be another good ski weekend. 70 today. showers and storms late really after dark in the metro. tonight 47 but temperatures barely move tomorrow, 48. windy and colder. by friday some morning flurries and snow showers. only in the low 30s. we stay in the 30s this weekend. and back to 40 monday. i'm thinking phil will likely see his shadow regardless of what is going on because that seems to usually be the case. let's go
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
strides by expanding west of the mississippi river, especially in california. which got the first dunkin donuts last year. can you imagine? that means this company has a ton of room to grow. and because all their stores are franchise operations, putting up new units isn't expensive since they aren't paying ining for t estate. the company earned 34 cents a share, one cent better than the maes it. but same-store sales were up a solid 3.2% and management gave you a 27% dividend boost. bringing the yield to slightly more than 2% at these levels. i think a dividend hike of that size is one of the most bullish tells out there. the stock hit the all-time high today and closed up 76 cents. let's touch base with nigel travis, the ceo of dunkin brands, find out more about the quarter and what's ahead. mr. travis, welcome to "mad money." how are you? >> thank you very much. >> we've got the merchandise. >> yeah, don't touch it. >> i will not. go west young man. you have got an opportunity that could double the number of stores without a problem. >> well, we believe we're going to double the number
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
widespread flu is california, hawaii and mississippi. in new york, getting a flu shot is tougher and tougher. there is a run on the vaccine at some pharmacies and urging care centers since governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency. elizabeth cohen joins us now. what do health officials mean when they use the word epidemic? >> it gets very technical. i'll boil it down here. basically, people are getting sick and dying from the flu in certain numbers. when those numbers get high enough, we call it an epidemic. i personally don't really care that much about that word. i'll tell you why. the flu season nearly always reaches epidemic levels. even if it's just like a moderate plain old, you know, normal season. so i think we shouldn't get focused too much on that word. we instead should focus on what we're seeing here which is what can you do to avoid getting the flu which is getting a flu shot and doing things like washing your hands and staying away from people who look sick. john? >> it doesn't feel like just a normal flu season here. i have to tell you. a lot of people sick here
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am PST
. >>> mississippi river, they are still trying to clean up that oil spill. two barges filled with oil struck a bridge near vicksburg early sunday morning. the tank holding 80,000 gallons of oil and one of the barges started leaking after the collision. the gulf strike team is helping out with the cleanup but the job could get harder because the dangerous weather leaded through the mississippi valley. want to bring in chad meyers looking at this line of thunderstorms moving into the deep south. that's going to happen, what, this afternoon? >> yes, it is. right now these storms are moving at 75 miles per hour. so the significance here is you may not have time to get out of the way unless you already have a plan. and tornado watch means you should have a plan going on right now. there's very cold air to the west. there's very warm air. a summer or springlike storm, because the air around it is springlike. lots of lightning. red boxes here from missouri back down even into dallas, texas, with tornado watches. it doesn't mean anything's on the ground right now. but conditions are right that somet
Jan 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
blamed for four deaths. commuters drove through fresh snow. sun rise revealed frozen mississippi river. temperatures plunged to 35 degrees in some communities, forecasters expect this to last into the weekend uk see ice covering the side of this gutted warehouse forming after firefighters doused a burning building with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. >> check out the demonstration from a tv news reporter. you can see ice crystals forming. hot water flung into the air, you can hammer nails. and if you leave it outside, who knew? >> around here? >> you can use an umbrella. advisories from northern plains. we're talking about wind chill 15-30 degrees. and they'll get relief by weekend. we, on the other hand will see more rain this weekend. we'll talk about the now, here is a live look from our east bay hills camera. looking across the bay. by do have light rain across many parts of the bay area and there are stronger pockets as well. you'll see that our radar down towards the santa cruz mountains tracking this system. rain has been moderate. san jose avenue, stoney point road w
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Jan 21, 2013 4:00am PST
, mississippi. he camped out overnight hoping to get a good spot. >> i'm going to be sitting right there waiting for when they open up. >> thousands of law enforcement and federal troops will be on hand to make sure everyone's safe. today's swearing-in is ceremony real for the public. the constitution requires the official ontario of office to take place january 20th. the president was officially sworn into office yesterday at a small ceremony at the white house. he followed that up with a candlelight service sunday night where he said today's parties are not about him. >> what we're celebrating is not the election or swearing in of a president. what we're doing is celebrating each other. >> and he talked about what he called the most significant event of the inaugural weekend's celebrations, his wife's new haircut. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. she always looks good. >> the celebrations won't end until late monday night when the president and first lady attend three different inaugural balls. the theme of this year's presidential inaugural is "our peopl
Jan 29, 2013 4:00am PST
out of the south into the southern plains and mississippi valley. a large storm system will hit the midwest with snow, heavy rain and severe thunderstorms today and tomorrow. and up to 20 inches of snow is possible in the mountains of the pacific northwest and the rockies. >>> in sports now, get ready for some colorful stories, outrageous quotes, and a lot of talk about the harbaugh brothers coaching against each other for the super bowl xlvii. today is media day when players and coaches from both teams make themselves available to scores of reporters. on monday, the baltimore ravens arrived in new orleans. their opponents, the san francisco 49ers, made it to town on sunday. this is baltimore's first trip to the super bowl since 2001. >>> it has been almost as long, 11 years, since the city of new orleans hosted the super bowl. and getting the big game back to the big easy has been a difficult task. vinita nair has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as if the super bowl is not the most hyped sporting event in the world, media day is a close second.
Jan 16, 2013 2:00am PST
the ice in mississippi. it's now warmer there. slowly improving. overnight we had a little ice in tennessee. temperatures warmed up now. so we're not so much dealing with too many problems in areas around nashville and also into louisville and lexington. much of west virginia is warming up. they're mostly dealing with rain. travel on the east coast today, the airports will be a mess in all areas of the northeast today, especially new york city up into boston. philadelphia airports dealing with rain. a lot of rain later today especially in areas of georgia. some rain will push into virginia and washington, d.c., and baltimore and maryland areas. as far as the total accumulations go with this storm, we're mostly looking at a three to five inch event across new england. south coast of new england will be dealing mostly with sleet and mixing in with a little snow. only zero to an inch. and in areas of central connecticut, probably two to three inches. four inches across the catskills. again, not a blockbuster snow event. the timing of this on a full day of work and school for so ma
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
in with mindy. >> we are live along the west bank of the mississippi. it is gorgeous. 10 or 11 miles, up the ravens landed about 45 minutes ago. 75 degrees. a lot different than what they left in baltimore this morning despite that bad weather, there was a huge sendoff. >> before the ravens had to new orleans, they had a few friends come over and say goodbye. hours before the team was to arrive, fans filled up the amphitheater at the inner harbor and they were fired up. >> bring it back for baltimore. >> we wanted to wish our team well. go ravens. >> it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. ♪ of course, poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to be here. i would not miss it for the world. city,came from the ocean maryland. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived and the fans went crazy. >> joe flacco! >> we did this in 2000. we are not going to new orleans for nothing. we love you. we love you. we love you. we will give it everything we've got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >>
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